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System Architecture

The system architecture of a robot or of an autonomous vehicles represents the main starting point and the base of the future robot. All the major hardware and software solutions are selected at this point.

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Choose or build proper hardware required to drive the actuators, read the sensors and drive the system. The embedded products and prototype are designed with respect to automotive standards

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Select proper architecture and design optimized code for the application in front. The code reuse, the flexibility plus the team experience allows for a short time to market of the final product or prototype

Go to Protocols


Define and optimise the communication protocols either between embedded systems or between the embedded systems and the servers or web-apps that they are communicating with

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Why US

We are a company with a focus on custom robotics applications from small robots to autonomous vehicles. For prototypes, the products are built with flexibility and scalability in mind allowing the end-user to use the product in various configurations while for end-products, the reliability is the main concern.

The software is based mainly on validated code that was tested over several projects. The code is constantly maintain by optimise it, adjusting memory allocation and program flow as well as the state machines.

The hardware that we build is focused on lower power usage as required by most electric or hybrid vehicles. By combining the high reliability hardware components with embedded software a special attention to details is mandatory and requires careful attention to the design and system interactions to meet performance specification and enhance safety and reliability.

Applications like robots, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, internet of things, domotics and even tools for laboratory usage are our main playground.

  • Solution development for robotic applications from actuators, embedded computers to servers

  • From driving actuators and process sensor information to server communications and web-apps

  • Actuator and sensors interfaces, localisation or communication devices

  • Mainly CAN Bus with slides in Ethernet, RS484/232, Zigbee or WiFi

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