November 8, 2015


General I/O module

ECU - IOThis module was designed to allow connection with 10 high current consumers of up to 10Amps. The power supply is split into 2 different inputs, each can be powered from a different source with common ground. An input is used to supply 2 High-Side driver and 2 Push-Pull drives while the second one has 4 High-Side drivers and 2 Push-Pull drives. The voltage input can be anything between 9.5 and 45V. For larger voltages, the input is clamped at 45V for a limited amount of time. The input can active filter spikes of up to +/- 250V. The module also provides 16 I/O channels that can be configured as Analog inputs or Digital inputs. 8 can be configured for High-Side drive with 0.6Amps max supply current (3A total) and other 8 can be configured for Pull-Down or 4-20mA measurement. For comunication, the modules comes with a isolated CAN Bus 2.0A/B for voltages up to 250V.¬†Read more …



I/O module with stable 12V outputs


1418 - SSI

This device is used to provide I/O extension for embedded systems so they can interact with surrounding devices. The device can interface via an isolated CAN-FD bus or via an RS232 connection. The device provides 8 general purpose lines that can be configured in software to behave as High side outputs, Low side, analog inputs or pulse monitoring. As an additional module, the device provides an RS422 or RS485 interface that can be configured to be used for an incremental encoder with an SSI protocol. The high side outputs are from a stable DC/DC converter generating 12V. An additional CAN-FD port is provided to connect to non-isolated CAN devices. For analog output, there are 2 channels 12-bit DAC capable of driving up to 10mA. The device provides 3 low power modes capable or reducing power consumption: Idle, Sleep and Deep-Sleep. The recovery from deep-sleep can be done by a power-cycle or by a preprogramed delay. The sleep will shut down isolated CAN and isolated RS-232 and recovery can be done by any previously selected I/Os or non-isolated CAN message.

The CAN Monitor

Prod-CanMonitorThe CAN Monitor is a small device that interface with a CAN bus and a Bluetooth communication module. The integrated battery allows the box to operate independently without external power supply. The charging is done via the 4 wire cable that has 2 wires for the CAN bus and the other 2 for the power supply. The box can be supplied with a voltage up to 62 VDC. The power supply can come directly from the vehicle power line as protections are implemented in the device. The internal memory can be used to store CAN Frames that are timestamped with the date and time stored in the integrated RTC. The screen and the buzzer allows for easy debugging and can be used to alarm the user if specific frames are read. The large integrated microcontroller allows for scripting to be made by the user so a response to the CAN frames can be posted.



The Motor Controller module

Prod-MotorThe motor controller module allows the system to drive an DC motor with a continuous current of up to 10 Amps. The controller can read the current and the voltage that is used to drive the motor. The controller provides an interface for 4 digital inputs (2 active low and 2 active high) as well as an RS232 interface. The device was designed for a 12V nominal vehicle voltage allowing constant operation at 18V and transients according to automotive standards.




The Relay Controller module

Prod-RelaysThe relay controller integrates 4 SPDT relays and 2 SPST relays in a normal open (NO) configuration. The controller integrates a CAN HighSpeed 2.0 A/B interface and a Freescale microcontroller. Besides the 6 total relays, the modules has 4 aditional inputs and a RS232 interface which can wither be used as a debug interface or as an aditional interface to connect to an external device.




The Battery backup power supply

Prod-BatteryLithium¬†This backup power supply allows a slave system to be supplied from a vehicle’s main power supply (12V or 24V nominal voltage) while offering stable power and protection from the vehicle power line. The backup comes from internal Lithium Batteries size 18650 batteries and providing 42Wh of backup power. The box can provide 12V continuous current at maximum 5 Amps.