November 8, 2015


Road scan as part of autonomous vehicle system

front system-side

In order to ease the development of an autonomous vehicle, to scan a road or to test algorithms, this system will easily integrate on existing vehicles equipped with roof racks. The system has a front and rear pointing LIDAR. A front pointing camera will help view up-front while the an internal GPS and 4G modem will allow outdoor localisation and communication. Additional cameras or lights can be added to the system for rear or side views.

The system comes with an internal battery and DC/DC  converter in order to power the sensors and the on-board computer. The system is supplied from the vehicle power and connects to the vehicle via a CAN bus.


Power distribution for large robots


For vehicle or large robots, the power distribution can be a problem especially when it is required to have a compact solution with power relays, large currents (160 Amps) and several small loads with currents between 1 and 20 Amps.

The board integrates automotive ATO fuses and small automotive relays. In the same time, the power section uses Maxi fuses and midi bold down fuses with 2 kilovac LEV100 contactor.


 Android Application for Robot Drive

Screenshot_2015-11-09-07-50-53The application that is used to do remote driving of our robots or our autonomous vehicles was done over an Android tablet and it can use WiFi, Bluetooth or any data connection to connect top the robot. The application can be customized to interface with various robots. The application requires that the tablet has at least one accelerometer and a wireless connection.




Electric vehicle design

We have build or modified several electric vehicles for normal drive or for autonomous operation. We always had started from the chassis and continued throughout the design phases namely electric motor selection, batteries, user comfort and accessories. For autonomous vehicles or robots, an additional step is required to select and fit the sensors plus the communication layer all of which must be interface with a proper embedded computer.

chassiscar1 - CopyrightDSC_4828 (1)


Vehicle devices

DSC_4704Telematics BoxFor special robots and autonomous vehicles we’ve developed special devices from electric jacks with CAN interface and load cells to telematics systems.