November 8, 2015


IoT Talks

IoT Sisteer

IMG_4553As part of the IoT talks hold in Malakoff near Paris this June 2016 the drive-by-wire system of the car as well as the remote control system with a tablet was presented. The vehicle can be driven directly with the tablet namely the propulsion, steering, parking brake, lights, door locks and windows. This was done to show the drive-by-wire system and its integration into a IoT environment.





In the press

Presse - Small

With the Intelligent Transportation Systems Congress from Bordeaux 2015, the autonomous vehicle was presented in the press in a “Drive by WiFi” configuration. In the “Le Monde” journal at page 4 from October 6 the vehicle is driven via a WiFi communication by using an Android based tablet. The software used in the demonstration was built internally for both the Android platform as well as for the vehicle. The entire vehicle embedded system (hardware and software) of the vehicle was made in house.



Presentation at Montigny-le-Bretonneux

standWith the ocasion of the presentation “Pleins Phares sur l’auto d’hier a demain” from the beginning of september 2015 at Montigny-le-Bretonneux, we’ve presented our vehicle.



Our flyer

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